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Highlight videos are a fantastic and necessary tool to gain exposure from college coaches nationwide. We at Hoop Mountain will take your game footage and turn it into a professionally made highlight video. In this video, we will provide information regarding who you are, your best plays, and include music. Once we have finalized the highlight video, it will be sent to thousands of college coaches nationwide and to you.


Highlight videos are a crucial part of the recruitment process. The majority of college coaches do not have the time to travel around the country recruiting athletes in person. As a result, coaches turn to highlight videos to make their initial evaluations on athletes. Coaches do not have the time to watch your full game tape and instead only have a few minutes to analyze your game. These highlight videos need to stand out from hundreds of other videos coaches receive every day, and we know exactly how to do that.


Over the past decade, Hoop Mountain has assembled thousands of highlight videos, which have been viewed by college coaches nationwide. Each video will be made by a former college coach that knows the right plays to include in your video.

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